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Two handcart trade medium trap and answer
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Gain ground further as the car, a lot of families begin to have the 2nd car, and major car advocate in car inferior position often is in in updating, in old car business when, car advocate what detail does need notice? Recently, the reporter will to car of the couplet in Beijing trade the market is interviewed, according to senior personage the Kingdom of Wei asks for the introduction inside course of study, car advocate the following skill can notice when undertaking two handcart trade.

Buy car skill

1. car advocate before buying a car gather old car information extensively as far as possible, understanding car is main common sense. The technical parameter that basically knows mass of vehicle of a few evaluations and function index, in be like dynamical sex index " top speed, 0 to 100 kilometers acceleration " wait. In fuel economy " the fast oil bad news such as 100 kilometers " , in sex of apply the brake " stability of the direction when efficiency of apply the brake, apply the brake " etc. Most the index such as the high-power, biggest torque. Identify correctly aid force to change direction, system of ABS system, 3 yuan of catalysis, safe gasbag is waited a moment. Because the price relationship of these and car is the closest. For example, have without ABS, the price of the car can differ 10 thousand yuan or so.

2. mostly the novice is basic be can drive only, do not know a car, because check the quality of two handcart to belong to technical very strong job, had better ask a maintenance technician that has old experience to be headed for together.

3. is counted to the kilometer, some cars advocate always like to ask old car already ran how many kilometer, buy old car not to see a kilometer count actually, because the kilometer expresses reading to be able to have very big moisture content sometimes, general if old car is individual door, roughly annual and OK travel 10 thousand to 25 thousand kilometer. If be fair a car, general and annual travel 25 thousand to 35 thousand kilometer.

Carry out trick-cycling is artful

1. scarcely wants credulous " small advertisement " , a lot of cars advocate had received " quotation stopping a car " similar perhaps ad, actually this is certain car is peddled be in " fishing " , they often give a car first advocate sign up for a high price, waiting for you to find circuit value, when the offer a price that becomes your feeling or him looks for him high again, be about to see a car, he is met later " by every means captious, baleful Jew " , on final price and advertisement have very big discrepancy, car advocate best method is to old car the market looks more, knowledge is real old car buys prices.

2. car advocate the expectation value that does not publish oneself easily as far as possible, shop like yourself like wanting knowing the seller needs cash, the family buys your car, if you speak expectation price, car dealer can cut price for certain. Actually, your car arrived these " connoisseur " people before, how many money closes already know fairly well, letting what car dealer says him buy price is best.
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