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The expert imparts debunk " the problem is secondhand car " unique skill
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Xinhua net big talk on December 11 special telegram (Guan Yajun) two handcart expert raised 6 debunk question to consumer the proposal of two handcart, the help prepares to buy the consumer sharpen one's eyes of two handcart, prevent to be deceived.

One, the identity wants to decide. When buying a car, to the car advocate primitive hair freight bill, car purchases Id, car surtax (duty) proof of cost of card of travel of proof, motor vehicle, maintain a road, yearly check proof and insurance policy want to be valued carefully just go without the problem. If card is illuminated not complete, when relevant formalities is being dealt with after buying a car, meet pained and various. This respect has lessons drawn from others' mistakes, ten million wants authority careful. And engine order, frame date should have checked more, such ability decide the capacity of car, won't be fooled.

2, do not believe odograph. To sell a higher price, the car that counts 80 thousand kilometer moves 30 thousand kilometer is commonly used intrigue. Actually car course of development just judges a standard of car condition, and true car besides can understand through checking the part such as engine, the number that odograph shows is not the payoff of car price, because this consumer also does not want too put kilometer number on the heart.

3, go up afresh lacquer wants to value. See automobile body paint film have without fall off, new impress of facial Qi Youmo, in vent-pipe, set with the window all around have without redundant spray paint, if have a proof,this car department renovates a car.

4, observation solder contact. Ensure the juncture between door, head, end and automobile body is flowing. If size of main juncture place aperture is differ, line bends, adornment fall off or be short of break, proving this car is accident car, the course rebuilds or heavy repair. Level of overhaul of some cars business is higher, whether is former plant solders or Everyman does not look to go out renovated, the person that should ask know the business at this moment will help look.

5, young scrutiny railroad car. Have in part of railroad car of etc of seat, carpet abnormal ferruginous or rustily, bleb passes rustily and serious possible car. Some cars business to cover the issue inside railroad car, add the on a few adornment of bright look intentionally to puzzle person, consumer scarcely wants by exterior phenomenon place paralytic. The configuration that checks a car even is complete, the job is regular.

6, car " heart " the function is very main. Car function basically is below engine lid, engine job is regular, vitta, conduit, circuitry whether ageing, have the oil that do not have leakage slack trace. Do not think inside do not have a problem completely, cleaner car " heart " the more the course clears artificially. These place want scrutiny only, everyman also can see a problem.