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Old car business wants discreet and secondhand the car trades have tricks of the
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The price of two handcart is the very sensitive issue on car city all the time. How is two handcart price evaluated, price of old car sex is compared whether be to one's profit, it is the focus that buyers and sellers of two handcart market argues more. Two handcart market remains to be perfected further.

But undeniable, when new car depreciates considerably after a few years, old car market also can have larger development space for certain.

Two handcart need business discreet

Want to sell the word of the car, basically be to see a car maintain how, car of which years. If be the car of the pubic,fold lowly, the person that drives because of the car of the pubic is much, cherish insufficient, cannot sell too high price likely. And private car is folded a bit higher relatively. This goes up to be able to discover originally from travel.

Secondhand to buying for the person of the car, change the name of owner in a register is the most important thing. The bill that formalities of change the name of owner in a register includes a car, certificate of approval, primary vehicle advocate all formalities and car are safe. If be in,trade old car is bought in the market, of all kinds formalities all can all ready and true. If do business outside the market, the biggest dangerous nothing is more... than the antecedents of the car is unidentified, grab the car that come like pilfer. This kind of car is put in the problem that owes the respect such as duty, accident commonly.

Calculate the value that allows two handcart

The pattern that the price of two handcart basically sees a car and car besides, accordingly, the convert of old car does not have fixed price.

The assessment of old car market is at present non-standard, basically be to rely on intuition to evaluate, basically be to see fixed number of year, carping, control the price, a reorganize and outfit is passed after closing, maintain simply to in-house defect namely, sell next. And professional assessment should be to go up the line is evaluated, the implication that the line assesses on is genteel waterline, evaluate from one by one of truckload, exterior, engine, state, fixed number of year.

Trade in old car the market, trade valence often under assess value truely, if nimble amounts to CX, 118 thousand yuan are when was being bought 1998, without important matter reason, can sell 90 thousand yuan, but trade in old car actually the market can sell only 60 thousand multivariate.

Mr Gu of company of some old car broker represents beautiful rural area, present prices is, one contains formalities 420 thousand yuan car can sell 300 thousand yuan only after a year, loss 120 thousand yuan. The price is higher, the loss is bigger. High-grade acoustics more not hopeful, 18 thousand yuan acoustics can sell 3000 yuan only. Additional, the depreciates to pound same kind old car of every time new car, also be a when affect two handcart price main factor.

The fraud of market of vigilance old car
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