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Undertake old car trades a few technological process that you have to understand
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The buying and selling of old car needs to abide by relevant policy provision, legal business ability guarantees the benefit of buyers and sellers. Relative gentleman does two handcart buying and selling to already had several long time, during this, he also saw with one's own eyes witnesses a few buyer and seller for a bit petty gain, do not handle affairs according to custom, the protective privately that jumps over law trades, the result is deceived, the evening of regret. When so he is introducing the business flow of two handcart for us, again and again emphasize: Cannot hit unassured to battle, must conscientiously ground acts according to the rules. Then his angle from company of two handcart economy introduced the course of old car business for us.

Of old car business roughly flow

No matter be,sell measure content is actually about the same, just going up orderly early or late put upside down. To seller, principal is to find to have business charter and the company of two handcart broker with better reputation. After once mix,broker company reachs the intent of buying and selling, be about to carry all sorts of certificate of oneself and car, go to what the car test point of two handcart market has certificate detecting, basically be to check the steel seal date on car engine and frame, the lawful sex that the purpose is affirmatory car and you are right the authenticity of car ownership, arrest a few illegal members will a few " black car " in the disposal of stolen or contraband goods on two handcart market. So, the travel card of the id card that you need to had taken your, car and produce evidence, essentials is good after completing an inspection a book of rubbings of steel seal of engine car frame, in order to have moment of change the name of owner in a register is used in the future.

After the probation of the certificate that finish, be about to entrust special car check to measured those who evaluate a station to undertake two handcart to evaluate by broker company. Whether can this appear on the market the old car that decides you trade. The car of car besides how, achieve a what kind of standard to will be recorded one by one, for your car the price provides a reference material. Circumstance of the depreciation of the travel kilometer number of the outward appearance that this includes car among them, function, car, component, interior trim, need careful servy record. Issue according to detected result finally " appraisal appraisal a power of attorney " , so far, your value also by qualitative. Of course, what this does not show car is final clinch a deal valence decides from this merely namely, still need to be with the market oriented. Different brand before in the market sale success can become old car to trade the influencing factor of valence, along with row with respect to city it is unchangeable law. In addition, you are OK still undertake negotiation with broker company according to oneself psychological price, make oneself in order to strive for trade approvingly most valence.
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