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Two handcart make easy change procedures cannot small inspect
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Beijing has car gens increasing. Valence compares new model and good sex to appear ceaselessly, of the car change the demand as people comes quickly, of relevant policy code relax and promote, accelerate the love car that replaces oneself without one not exciting gens having a car. So, if why is old car handled, how buying and selling to a lot of cars advocate for the first time experience that is oneself.

The buying and selling on traditional idea, it is both sides has the intention that sell and buys, negotiate a likely price, make money single-handed, deliver the goods single-handed, come here business course ends. But the buying and selling of this kind of product is different from the car the buying and selling on common sense, the mobile property of the property right characteristic as a result of its product and car, its buying and selling has a money to trade not only process, still need to pass the program of legal laws and regulations, corresponding and relevant formalities should pass corresponding change to just be trade finish, the talented person that sells a car is a true car to sell, ability ensures oneself rights and interests. So, two handcart trade the change of relevant formalities is very necessary and must.

Two handcart trade formalities did not change brought harm cannot small inspect. If you did not change relevant procedures, so car travel this, the car on the relevant formalities such as the motor vehicle certificate that register advocate the name still is you, namely the actual property right of car or your, although be used actually of this car,had sold others, but jural place approbatory car advocate still be you. You must bear all responsibility to the car of under one's name of your property right, the steel of violate the rules and regulations that includes car is grabbed, tax cost pay is waited a moment. So, did not change the harm that formalities brings, fill gently each duty expends capture, bear joint liability for traffic accident again, and all sorts of issues that bring from this.

A lot of people had sold to others a few years ago likely, but receive cost of maintain a road to collect the cost urging capture of place to inform however recently; Still some of person perhaps can receive forensic subpoena suddenly, say the car that is oneself goes traffic accident the problem of and so on, even oneself 2 bonze feel a unit of length to be not worn brains, because his car is in already,the palm of others accuses in. All these trouble, because two handcart formalities is caused without passing seasonable change,be. But, how be just program of jural approbatory change the name of owner in a register? What relevant formalities needs to be changed in time?

Beijing old motor vehicle trades the expert of the market tells us: Sell two handcart, need carries a bargainor effective identity document, travel this, the motor vehicle certificate that register, bill that buy a car and buyer are effective certificate. The market will be right the lawful sex of your car, whether to put in the circumstance such as violate the rules and regulations to undertake examine and verify check, examine and verify is not had by accident hind the market opens bill of effective change the name of owner in a register and proof.
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