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" two hand wagon flow open administrative way " detailed rules
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General principles of the first chapter
The first tells management to strengthen two handcart to flow, the standard is secondhand the car manages action, ensure two handcart to trade to close right increase bilaterally, promote two hand wagon flow to connect healthy progress, basis country concerns law, administrative regulations, make this way.
The 2nd is engaged in two handcart running an activity in churchyard of People's Republic of China or the activity related to two handcart, applicable this method.
This method place weighs two handcart, it is to point to from handle the car that registers the formalities that register to arrive at a country to discard as useless compulsively to do business before the standard and transfer ownership (include car of carry cargo of tricar, low speed, namely former agricultural carriage car, similarly hereinafter) , trailer and autocycle.
The 3rd two handcart trade the market is to point to establish lawfully, offer two handcart to trade centrally for buyers and sellers the place with relevant service.
Management main body of the 4th two handcart is to show via industrial and commercial administration the branch is registered lawfully, pursue the company that two handcart distribute, auction, broker, appraisal evaluates.
Management behavior of the 5th two handcart is to point to two handcart distribute, auction, broker, appraisal to evaluate wait.
(one) two handcart distribute is to show enterprise of two handcart distribute is bought, the management activity that sells two handcart;
(2) two handcart auction is to show two handcart auction an enterprise to make over two handcart in order to make public the form of contest price highest should valence person management activity;
(3) two handcart broker is to show orgnaization of two handcart broker is a purpose with collection commission, to facilitate others trades two handcart and be engaged in period of between two parties, travel perhaps acting as agent wait for management activity;
(4) two handcart appraisal is evaluated is to show two handcart appraisal evaluates an orgnaization to reach what its value undertakes appraisal evaluate to run an activity to two handcart technical condition.
The 6th two handcart trade directly is to point to what distribute enterprise, sale business and broker orgnaization sell car buyer directly to two handcart everybody has been illogical trade behavior. Two handcart trade directly ought to trade in two handcart the market undertakes.
Department of branch of director of commerce of the 7th the State Council, industrial and commercial administration, duty Wu branch is inside respective duty limits responsible and secondhand the car is current work about supervisory management.
Business affairs of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and city of plan only kind is in charge of a branch (the following abbreviation is provincial business affairs is in charge of a branch) , department of industrial and commercial administration, duty Wu branch is in inside respective duty limits inside responsible area under administration two handcart are current concern supervise.
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