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Buy a cheap used car shop around, not too small, "Amoy" good car
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More and more people buy second-hand car, buying used cars that need to pay attention to what place? To this end, we turned to experts. First, the purchase of vehicles during the performance and price compared choice of vehicles is relatively easy, if necessary, to find a knowledgeable friend to help check, basically not much of a problem. Second, in order to avoid the car that may occur in the trap, it should be noted: 1, private transactions between the traffic control department should first test the legality of the source vehicle. Otherwise, the purchase of vehicles, robbery and fraud, not only confiscated the vehicle, I have to bear the "buy stolen goods," the legal responsibility. 2, after the legality of the inspection of vehicles, but also to the vehicle inspection procedures of all departments Guifeizhengshou authenticity, to avoid false formalities and pay the costs and bring heavy fines. 3, car dealers should be carefully checked whether the owner consistent with the driving permit, or whether the car dealers are car dealers the power to prevent car dealers who sold the vehicle not his own. Third, the purchase of vehicles should shop around, to avoid wasting money. Also, do not covet cheap, buy cheap cars because there are a number of the taxi market, the leasing company leasing vehicles, traffic out of scrapped cars and foreign cars, their value is far below the market price.
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