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Under normal circumstances, the end of November early December each year are indicators of the impact of a new car when a significant price reduction, new car prices are relatively low throughout the year, but the present situation does not appear the Beijing market and the expected price cuts, on the contrary there are many models of price recovery, not only increases those new models are still selling the old models and even there have been disguised prices. Affected by a wide range of used cars in Beijing the price decline continued for 10 weeks after the first time a wide range of prices and the rate of increase significantly. ● Hot model prices Jetta, Santana, Beverly few of these old used car generally 1% -3%, price increases, the individual models such as the Santana 2000, rose to 4%, but due to vehicle use tax, large displacement low-end SUV affected much , 6-cylinder Cherokee, Mitsubishi Pajero V33 older models such as prices fell more than 10%, many companies intend to clearing processing. Citroen C2, Elantra, Jetta, Excelle, POLO, Fit, etc. 50 000 -10 million of these used cars generally 5% -10% price increases, especially Bora, Tiida series rose significantly, relative to the price space and other non-mainstream products mark 307 is better value for money. Civic, Sylphy, Corolla, Mazda 3 80 000 -15 million of these vehicles by the impact of rising prices of new cars, especially the 1.6 series of products, such as new cars in the Golf 6, the prices of products such as the British firm Lang prices caused by such vehicles, vehicle sales in good, working fast, price increase of 5% -10%. ● a small decline in the high-end price Honda Accord, Shanghai Volkswagen Passat, Buick LaCrosse and other vehicles in the old 2006 models before the prices are generally stable or even declined slightly, such as the 6th generation Accord, the old section of Regal, Mondeo, Mazda M6 ranging in price between the 80 000 -14 million majority. 14 million or more new models Camry, Reiz, Regal and other new small price of 3%, have an impact on new car prices, not increase this space. 10 million -30 million in the old models have a certain gain, which is the same used car at the end of the rule, such as the old Audi A6, BMW 3,5 series, FAW Toyota Crown, Mercedes-Benz C E series, some time ago replacement of these vehicles more price cuts, such as the Mercedes E series such as prices fell more than 10%, there is the introduction of low-end models of these brands caused by falling prices, the current rebound in new car prices, used car prices of such different degrees rise, the Audi A6 about 1% minimum increase, the BMW 5 Series or larger, at around 4%. ● travel tax on used cars less affected As high-end models of new cars booking longer, so the current price of these vehicles also rose, such as the Land Cruiser SUV class, LC200, Land Rover Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne, etc., significantly increases new car, the waiting time long, the relative increase used car prices, car tax increase for such little impact on high-end models. High-end cars, the price of 1.5 million yuan more than the car dealers there a certain price trend, but is still determined by the final transaction models, 150 million or less old and models of price stability, as the prospective new car prices new car appears to rise, such as the new BMW 7 Series, the new Mercedes-Benz S350 and so on. We believe that the current impact of new car used car for the duration will be longer, in addition to lack of inventory can also cause second-hand car prices, around mid-December that the situation should be improved, but substantial price cuts not before the Spring Festival next year will appear, unless the government have a greater change.