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The 2009 Civic is car offers up enough second-hand car Redemption
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Recently, the editor of the East from Chongqing Pepsi Co. learned that the car sales and service, is currently 09 Civic cars sufficient to mention cars without waiting. Concessions may be involved in the current Civic car replacement options activity, and the purchase price will be higher than second-hand you bid; redemption of the users can participate CIVIC (Civic) "delicate blend 'unlimited' Life" activities, from now on 12 31, have the opportunity to receive CIVIC (Civic) and the exclusive 3G wireless notebook card, convenient professional brand car navigation systems, car installment fee subsidies, and gift shop in the joy of the first mystery gift. Civic is the A-class car in a very fuel-efficient models, all aspects of work is relatively fine, very popular with urban white-collar workers alike. Chongqing, Chongqing Blockbuster Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd East of the 4S shops offer many additional value-added services.