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To be honest used car trade rating
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Reporter yesterday from the Association of Foshan vehicle management industry that currently, there are many second-hand car trading Foshan market participants conducted by the Chinese National Automobile Dealers Association, second-hand car market credit ratings work. The end of the assessment , The China Automobile Dealers Association will give different levels of integrity used car market presented a plaque. Mixed second-hand car market It is understood that, in recent years as the new second-hand car market to join the rapid rise of the record is currently operating five areas of Foshan used car market is already saturated, due to business competition, part of the market also appeared in a vicious Competition. In particular, cross trading, business and other non-standard billing irregularities, resulting in a second-hand car market order a bit confused. Meanwhile, second-hand car trading is not for the record more speculation as some non-standard vehicle of the party to second-hand car trading, the order of the market, but also give consumers some credit worries. Even greater than the new car development However, even in the used car market was mixed in the situation, Foshan, second-hand car trading volume continues to show a rapid growth. Therefore, strengthen management, standardize the market, will mean a larger market space. Motor vehicle business, according to industry associations, Foshan City, the city reported 16 second-hand car market data accumulated statistics, and transfer with the number of used vehicles Vehicle Administration department, comprehensive obtained, only the first half of 2010 (1 June) Foshan City Used Cars Trading volume of 36,600, an increase of 29.60%, transaction value was 8.84 billion yuan. Therefore, second-hand car trading Foshan still a considerable room for improvement. Xianhangpeifu system or to be established It is understood that the national integrity of second-hand car market is very fine grading standards, including 11 large projects, more than 70 small projects in the venues, facilities, equipment, function, management, software, transaction size, for the record, the letter Information reporting, and industry self-regulation and other aspects relevant assessment criteria. The industry believes that the ratings pushed, will a large number of system failure, mismanaged the company out of business. It is understood that second-hand cars, Foshan has three trading companies to join, namely motor vehicle trade center, Foshan Co., Ltd., Foshan new third-old motor vehicle Co., Ltd., Foshan City, the old motor vehicle transactions Centre Limited.