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Second-hand car dealers, general manager of Changde Shi Tong Jingbo point in the used car industry is not long, but it has its own set of unique business philosophy and management style, leading the company's rapid development. He believes that second-hand car market hard this year, is the "golden nine silver ten" of the past glory.
Point of second-hand car dealers, Changde, Hunan stone formed in late 2007, is located in the scenic Long Yang Zhen Hanshou County, Changde, Hunan. Since its inception, has always been honesty, reputation first for the purpose of making friends attitude to provide quality, convenient and secure service, set a good reputation locally, by the majority of second-hand car dealer and consumer by the trust and recognition. The company operating the acquisition of used cars, used car sale, car replacement, transfer agents and insurance business. With the rapid development in recent years, the company now has scientific and advanced management system used car, a group of professional appraisers of used cars and used cars of excellent quality supply sources, to provide scientific assessment offer, rest assured that the source of used cars , a full range of services. Although the general manager of Tong Jingbo in the used car industry, time is not long, but it has its own set of unique business philosophy and management style, leading the company's rapid development in the fierce market competition. Today, the editors used car market and the recent "golden nine silver ten" second-hand car under the influence of issues such as market performance had an exclusive interview on the Manager Tong hope that through his unique perspective can help us to second-hand automobile market are not the same understanding.

China used cars City: The understanding of your company before, we know that the company set up time is not long, but in a few short years into the company to scale now, mainly depends on what kind of business philosophy and operating culture?

Used Car Manager Tong Shek point: The company was founded in late 2007, only 3 years ago, in these three years the company has been committed to integrity management, continuous innovation, has made rapid development. I think the process is not only profitable business process, but also the process of making friends in this business in 3 years, I have a lot around the country became the second-hand car dealer friend brought this aspect to the company opportunities, it also solves the problem of the source company car. As you are not in China when the city used car company to provide vehicles for the source and customer information. Many friends, can you get more used car transactions around the market, help companies accurately determine the current trading environment faced by second-hand car, specify a reasonable business plan. Of course, a used-car business enterprises are to achieve considerable development, integrity and professionalism are essential elements.

China used cars City: The recent market conditions to the local used car? What are the more popular second-hand car? You think that the reason these second-hand car selling what?

Stone Point Used Car Manager Tong: used car prices from time to time in recent months is very stable, mainly into the traditional off-season, the weather is hot, with very unstable new car prices, buying a car and car users are there to resume car certain risks, so it's not a very good car with him a few months. But as the "golden nine silver ten" the arrival of the traditional peak season, coupled with the weather gradually becomes cooler, the recent second-hand car market has improved, many dealers selling used cars have a certain amount of improvement.

On our side, relatively speaking, Toyota, Honda is still relatively easy to sell, the reason these cars sell well is because these cars brand strong in the sales process for many years has accumulated a good reputation, and the prices relatively low, the configuration complete, in the car, the lower the maintenance, repair cheap.

China used cars City: Now to the traditional peak season, many consumers may buy used cars in the near future, but because China is now second-hand car market is not very standardized, a lot of information transparent, it is difficult for consumers to identify second-hand car The quality and price, as industry experts, your intention to buy second-hand car, what kind of consumer advice?

Used car dealers Manager Tong Shi points: first, buy second-hand cars and buy a new car there is a gap, used car is the most critical issue clearance, followed by vehicle in question, and finally the price of the car! In fact, the procedures used cars also very simple, to ensure that our used cars are proof of the existence of relevant and true! vehicle in question is a more popular, I believe users have to buy a car on the car to understand some basic information, as desired comprehensive understanding of This car, I suggest you can drive to the local 4S shop, or some large economy companies so that they issue an assessment report to help you, so that the data will be more clear! price is a sensitive issue, this is the need coordination between the buyer and seller to complete the transaction!

China used cars City: now in September, as the "Golden September and silver October," the arrival of the traditional peak season, new car market is very crowded, crowding together new car market, automobile traffic has improved, do you think of this year's "Golden nine silver ten "second-hand automobile market will be what kind of impact?

Point of second-hand car dealers Manager Tong Stone: This year's auto market performance differs greatly from previous years, not only by the amount of price ups and downs of stock and property markets and other major environmental impact, efforts are also driven by national policies have weakened compared with last year; this year weather conditions are relatively specific, the domestic part of the region affected by natural disasters, some second-hand car market is "flooded cars", which to some extent, affected the used car sales; the same time, new car prices due to higher volatility during this time large, used cars under pressure have to make corresponding adjustments, many users, and forced pressure on the stock car dealer, new car prices also worried about the sharp decline caused the prices of second-hand, so in this period of time to stop receiving vehicle or a car , resulting in sales declines. In fact, there have been in recent years is not short off-season, the situation is not busy season, although the August trading volume of second-hand car market picked up, but estimated that the so-called "golden nine silver ten" to bust a lot compared to previous years, it is difficult reproduction of past sales glory.

China used cars City: In September, the city will host the second-hand cars used cars car the first national large-scale promotions, invites to participate in the national second-hand car dealers to consumers and dealers put up a bridge to promote the development of second-hand car market . For this event, you have what kind of views and suggestions?

Point of second-hand car dealers Manager Tong Stone: I think this event meaningful, on the one hand car dealers to help us gather popularity, increased consumer concern about our car to promote our business, used car sales, on the other hand can improve our car between providers and car dealers, car dealers and consumers to communicate, I am more supportive of this event!

China used cars City: your city of China's second-hand cars have been members for years, your use of our website in the process of what kind of experience? You think of your business if that helps?

Point of second-hand car dealers Manager Tong Stone: Actually, before I used several large domestic e-commerce platform used cars, relatively speaking, I still prefer the services the city used cars in China, and the staff of the city car is also very pleasant cooperation . Car City In addition to providing our members publish car source, recommendations, advertising and other services, but also often take the initiative to provide us with the source vehicle to help us carry out other business, this is not another site, but there are also the effectiveness of these services by car City to provide the information, we have successfully reached a multiple business, so I am very happy with the Chinese city of used cars site for long-term cooperation.