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Buying and selling used cars need to be cautious
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With the increasingly popular new car trade, used cars have gradually become the people home. The same brand of the same models, because more

use of a few months to save tens of thousands of pieces, which why not? Of course, consumers in the purchase or

Replacement of second-hand car, we must stay in mind, beware of by unscrupulous used car dealers and "cattle" advantage of the loophole.

Fog and more used cars, replacement need to be cautious

Changsha old motor vehicle market dealers Li Wei told reporters that car replacement or purchase process, there is a lot of "reefs." In order

to attract your attention, some businesses will be refurbished general treatment, the factory at

Period and mileage have been altered the old shoddy recommend to you; some used car dealers will be cheated by the way documents and then

keep the prices down to sell; Even worse, the black car will be out unsolicited sales. Surface

For such situations, consumers must stay in mind, the relevant evidence on selected models view carefully, not to momentary low make the

wrong choice.

Car replacement, the process is very important

In fact, buying a car, selling cars in fact, the contents of the steps are similar, only in reverse order on it. Person in charge of second-

hand car market in South Africa told reporters that the seller is, first and foremost a business license and find a more reputable

Good used car trading company. After the intention to make the sale itself and the various documents to bring the vehicle to a used car

vehicle inspection point for the detection of documents, after checking the essentials to complete a good steel frame car engine

India rubbings, transfer time for future use.

Replacement of the entire process of second-hand cars, used cars assessment is the most important part, because of the assessment results

will determine whether your old listing. After the needs assessment review by the business sector, open

A proof can be settled after all the completed transfer of the.

Left, general manager of Hunan, China Automotive Information Network, told reporters, used cars and need to transfer twice: first by the

seller to transfer the required car companies to the economy, to find a buyer after the transfer period, the vehicles are second-hand car

trading company temporarily

Secretary for all. This will not only relieve the seller changed his mind led to second-hand car company's reputation damaged happens, the

vehicle also allows the company to grasp the initiative. Find a buyer, the then second-hand car trading company to buy the car transfer

Lord, convenient and quick.

Of course, consumers in the purchase of second-hand car, also must pay attention to some details, such as insurance, road maintenance,

vehicle use tax is paid, whether the overhaul, which party shall bear the transfer fee, etc., may require some specific

The contract specified. You can also consult with the dealer, please use the instructions provided vehicles, vehicle tools, free cleaning,

replacement of interior and oil, etc., and finally, to remember the best and do it again to get the car round

After repair the road.

Used car sales, services also need to

Generally speaking, most of the second-hand car trading is not to provide any after sales service, used car trading company that sold a used

car is a live after-sale liability. Therefore, the purchase of used car owners when their vehicles in the choice of

Candidates must also take into account the second-hand car trading company have to provide this service at present, a number of reporters

from the mainstream auto 4S store Changsha learned to shop for replacement of used cars, are generally entitled to 6 months or 1 million


In the warranty, and some do not provide warranty service 4S shop, to be sure, consumers in the replacement of used car be sure to ask before

the after-sales service used cars, replacing car to worry about.