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Hot new cars, used car trade benefits
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Work in Changsha, Miss Li, a media ready to replace a new car recently, before purchasing a new car, she wanted to dispose of their old cars.

Wandering around second-hand car market in the major, she was surprised to find that this 12-2006

Sail on the factory [Review Photo Forum] 1.6L automatic transmission did not take bargaining strength, they were rushing to the major used

car dealers 3.5 million price. This reporter learned that, with the domestic new car market

Hot, used-car market only the automotive industry's "potential shares" is showing booming trend, and as the vanguard of South Africa

automotive market, auto market in Hunan, and the second hand car market is ushering in new opportunities for development.

Hot new cars,

Steady increase in second-hand automobile market driven

"In the current crowd in Changsha, the first car, buy a new car a little more than 81%, but in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, the

proportion of used-car buyers has reached 33%, in some ways that the time has come to our transfer . "province

Motor Traders Association of experts in an interview with reporters said.

With the first-tier cities into the era of change, but also to second-hand car market growth of the outbreak provided an important

opportunity. Online car replacement transactions, used car brand monopoly, used car trade-in transaction, the new replacement of old vehicles

and other market

Kinds of second-hand car trading mushroomed stand out, and gradually attracted consumers and attention. Wide of the Yuhua "Joy used car,"

said Zhong Zhao franchise stores, overlooked by the traditional second-hand automobile market dealers are with the

The vehicle population increases. This year from January to March, the wide Yuhua "Joy used car" successful replacement of franchise stores

to 31 second-hand car, but April has passed only 6 days, 9 units had successfully replaced the Honda used car

This does not include other brands of vehicles. Hunan Construction Machinery Exchange South Africa used car person in charge of the

management company in 2009, South Africa used car market transactions of about 3 million units of vehicles, but the market is only the second

exhibition day

Used volume has significantly over 1000, daily trading volume is also increased significantly.

Hunan official said the second-hand car market, with the new car market continued to hit, using two to three years the brand will have a

considerable number of vehicles will flow to second-hand automobile market, with the new car market, amplification, second-hand car market

has been

After showing a steady upward trend.

Models and more

But the lack of second-hand car is more professional

With the price of stability, change in attitudes of consumers car, used cars have begun to gradually into family. Second-hand car market in

the province but the biggest problem is lack of professionals.

The left, general manager of Hunan, China Automotive Information Network, said it second-hand car market changes faster than ever, and even

can be said that every day, changing, changing back, reflecting the second-hand car market is a serious lack of talent

. According to reports, a qualified professional valuers not only the different models of various well known brands, but also the basic

structure of the car know too much, including the new car market price, vehicle age, depreciation, mileage depreciation, condition

Depreciation, price fluctuations, the local license fees and other factors, which have trained their abilities takes time to accumulate, but

due to interference by various factors, resulting in the ability of each evaluator varies, which is the hinder

Province, the rapid development of second-hand car one of the reasons.

South Africa official said used-car market, although the province has not been large-scale second-hand car company, but with the increasing

volume of new car transactions and the increase in used-car models, the province will be second-hand car market will show a gradual

A crowded pattern.