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The second car showroom in Western Festival
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April 16 morning, the sun was shining and he could feel the spring, Hunan West (DF Honda Platinum Rui Si) section of the second car

exhibition opening was held in Huaihua Sports Center. Li Yilong Huaihua party secretary, deputy secretary of Huaihua City

Remember, the mayor and easy Pengfei, Chang Yi, deputy director of Department of Commerce and other leaders attended the opening ceremony

Lun, Li Yilong announced the opening of exhibition section, Pengfei Yi, Yi-Chang Lun gave a warm speech, respectively, Huaihua Municipal

Committee, Party Secretary Long Chen

Zhang Yi presided over the opening ceremony. All exhibitors, counties (cities, districts) delegations and more than 2 million car audience

attended the opening ceremony.

To further stimulate domestic demand, expanding consumption, Huaihua Municipal Government and Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce in

March 2009 was held in Western (Huaihua) first car and motorcycle exhibition section, and made remarkable achievements, the Ministry of


Huaihua to generalize the experience of the country. Therefore, the municipal government and the Department of Commerce decided on April 16,

2010 -18 days held in Western (Huaihua) exhibition section of the second car, through the promotional activities to further stimulate car


Caused by the fighting in western Hunan Huaihua even five provinces (cities, districts) surrounding areas of automotive logistics center.

This exhibition by the Huaihua Municipal People's Government and Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, organized Municipal Bureau of

Commerce and the City, contractors Cars Dealers Association

Office, the Blue Sky Group Huaihua Hengyu General Automotive Trading Co., Ltd. exclusive title, Hunan De Yuan Trading Co., Ltd., Huaihua City

Foreign Trade and Economic Growth Plus Limited.

Section of this exhibition to "feel car fashion, taste of modern life" as the theme to "understand the automotive knowledge, dissemination of

car culture, lead car consumption, prosperity and auto market, developing the automotive economy" for the purpose to

Show the city a new look for the automotive industry, automotive market, a new image, new economic development vehicles. Committed to

accomplishing this show extension of the market, creating sales, tree brand, diversified display of Western car culture of professional

Auto Show, a set of car buying, car knowledge, vehicle maintenance, participatory, interactive, informative, entertaining in one of the "car


Section of this exhibition organized 45 exhibitors (including automobile manufacturers, 4S shops and 32 dealer, a used-car market, auto

loans, auto insurance and other financial and insurance institutions 8, the relevant industries and enterprises 4) 600 people

Exhibitors. Vehicles up to 3,200 vehicles exhibitors, exhibitors include Mercedes-Benz cars, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, Toyota,

Hyundai, Chery, BYD, more than 50 domestic and international famous brands, models 186. Of which Mercedes-Benz,

BMW, Porsche, American Jeep, Chrysler, Opel, Renault, Lexus and other luxury cars opt for the world debut of 120 auto balance. Section of

this exhibition also introduced the Platinum Rui Si Dongfeng Honda, Audi Q5, the modern IX35, Peugeot

20 408 balance new car market, exhibition area of 30,000 square meters. Its varieties, the whole model, scale and are more than ever.

In order to attract consumers, Naore market, this exhibition festival tour organized for big brand vehicles, "Goodrich Qimao car in my mind,"

Children's Painting Competition traffic safety, "Ji Cheng Buick Baby" selection, "sea

United Southwest Motor City "car Choutai Jiang," Changan Suzuki Automobile "lucky draw viewers," SAIC-GM-Wuling "car photography contest

theme activities such as 10, to" better and better every day, every day prizes. " At the same time

, Exhibition organizing committee produced 3 million fine, "Bulletin," 50,000 "car baby" selected coupons and lucky viewers raffle tickets,

arranging more than 50 million yuan worth of prizes to attract the city's counties (cities, area) and Hunan,

Carey, Tongren and other surrounding areas of the consumer group to pregnant tours car buyers, Naore Huaihua automotive market. During the

launch of the discount none other exhibitors competing activities. Blue Sky Holdings unit of the total title Hengyu Qimao more than 200

vehicles carrying Nissan

, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Citroen downtown show, launched a "one dollar auction, just ask the price of twenty thousand yuan Package" valued

at ten million yuan and other ones who enjoy activities, and for the first time Nissan 360 ° safe driving experience operating landing


, The advanced security concepts and technology equipment production NISSAN top exhibition for the interactive experience, so that the

audience to fully experience the fun of driving safety. De-Yuan Qimao also fully launched the "Accord pumping admission ticket purchased,"

"new product

Tea buy new cars "and other promotional activities, are none other than usual 3000-5000 yuan. Goodrich Qimao ingenuity and launch a manned

aircraft, model aircraft show, car models show, new car launches, body painting and other activities of the five bright, inviting

2008 Shanghai International Culture and Art Festival Award of Excellence winner, 2009, Hunan Cars Car Accessories Trade Fair National Games

champion and champion kick Aerobics Motor Show debut and launched the "new car purchase gift to send 5,000

Package "," Share-Benz luxury refrigerator to send 13,800 yuan "and none other activities. In addition, Ji Cheng Buick, wind Qimao, Chang Qi

Mao, Xing Tong Qi Mao, SAIC-GM-Wuling, and many exhibitors to take a series of preferential measures to help

Consumers. Section of this exhibition is expected to reach 1,500 in car sales, sales and strive to 150 million yuan, tax of up to 15 million