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Many new model depreciates considerably affect two handcart market
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Last week, two handcart sale continues to hold position of sell like hot cakes, appear as a result of on new car market many model relatively substantially depreciate sales promotion, get the influence of this element, two handcart inventory slightly tall, the price falls somewhat.

On market of near future new car triumphant more, the privilege of price of much money model such as Kaimeirui is increased further, the part is secondhand car broker company also will deal subsequently valence depress. "Price of a few popular cars has change a bit, the corresponding model price on two handcart market has adjust, amount to the model that lasts long so like nimble, the price is already relevant very stable, and the new car on the market, popular car just is the model with bigger impacts of pair of two handcart market. " some market chief expresses two handcart of Beijing last week, "If privilege of price of new sounds of nature increases, the price of old money sounds of nature on two handcart market also falls, and the price of other competition model also is met get a few influences. And the price of other competition model also is met get a few influences..