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Two handcart trade new regulation just is heated up each discuss benefit and fra
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Our newspaper traded to two handcart yesterday no longer " the card goes along with the car " the circumstance had a story, caused the attention of a lot of readers. From October 1 before " the card goes along with the car " to now " the card goes along with the person " , this one new regulation that two handcart trade caused a car to be in charge of branch, two handcart to trade business and the comment that buy the citizen of two handcart of purpose, somebody thinks new regulation is in prevent to fry card selling mark while, also raised the cost that two handcart trade, make trade handily originally the program complications, likely to name brand resource also be a kind of waste.
The reporter understands, all the time since, if the name brand of a two handcart is " lucky date " , often can sell a good price when trade. This kind of circumstance brings about a few people to trade through two handcart will fry those who sell two handcart " lucky date " . And new " motor vehicle registers a regulation " stipulate two handcart do not get brand of along with name to sell together clearly, sell name brand the happening of behavior to prevent to fry namely.
A few citizens think, strong formalities goes to the lavatory and a lot of people that buy two handcart often come, it is OK that because want only,to the car tubal branch changes testimony of a piece of travel start off. But after this one new regulation is carried out, two handcart buyer should pick name afresh not only, return afresh explain get travel card and mark of certificate of proof, formalities becomes trival. Also the citizen thinks, buy although be two handcart,can pick name afresh however, the treatment that can enjoy new car has been held out actually. Besides to the bargainor, the application inside the half an year after going out can sell to continue to use original admire <> in the hearting in the car name brand, also be a favour.
City old motor vehicle trades the data that association provides shows, since October, two handcart of our city trade to amount to 30 everyday, the adverse effect that new regulation brings is immediate system deals now of cost increase on. Mr Chen introduces this association controller, name must be changed after buying two handcart, increased to buyer 100 go up multivariately card fee, by who does expenses of the card on this exceed after all? If buyers and sellers is not willing to go out, if the car considers make it business all right, the likelihood has to bear this many cost that come out.
The reporter is in charge of a branch to understand from city car, since October, to a two handcart conduction change the name of owner in a register gets time of 45 days, and it is OK to needed one day only in the past. Chief correspondent Zhu Xingen