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Two handcart buyer is in after buying a car, need provides a shop sign of date of new conduction car to the car. Primary vehicle advocate new car purchases inside 6 months, but the former number plate that reservation of continue to use comes down. Yesterday, city hands in tubal bureau car to was in charge of place to announce 16 services new measure, rise today carry out. The branch that make a valve transferred the business that register to undertake adjustment to car. Car is after move of change the name of owner in a register, must change new name brand number. Primary vehicle advocate new car is bought inside 6 months, original order brand can continue to use, will call in otherwise name brand, enable afresh after a year. In addition, after two handcart change the name of owner in a register, new plate must be used on " 10 anthology one " method.

In addition, the branch that make a valve expanded to enable the limits of name brand number afresh. Move is registered and other the brand of motor vehicle name that cancel also is brought into enable name brand limits afresh. Did not sell, have not register register, because scientific research and type test, car is restricted to be worth,exceed the motor vehicle such as national level to need to go up temporarily of transport travelling, can handle proper time temporarily travel number plate.

16 new measure still include, the time that motor vehicle plays regular inspection by examine the cut-off of period of efficacy month adjusts before expiring 3 months. Full to attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it of travel card adminicle, can detect to 6 of nearby new cars arbitrarily field is direct change get new travel card adminicle. Exceed the time limit not check car is dealt with when turning into Beijing formalities, need not sail the car runs a place again be examined, want a car only advocate can refer acceptance label of technology of motor vehicle security bright with proof of compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic hind, can deal with directly turn to register.