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Two handcart encounter brand of sincere letter bottleneck two handcart effect ne
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Accompany the rapid development of market of our country car, two handcart trade the volume is annual and rising. In last few years, two handcart buy an environment ceaseless improvement, trade charge is reduced ceaselessly, day of masses of general, Shanghai, east wind produces Shanghai, cropland of one steam abundant, one steam - the masses, Beijing is contemporary with east wind the numerous brand manufacturer such as Xue Tielong had rolled out a brand two handcart business.

But the reporter interviews inn of much home 4S to understand, although the brand is secondhand,vehicle moving standard, sincere letter is spent tall, but the brand is secondhand of car business begin not successful. Portfolio of inn of a lot of 4S is very actually small, occupy the 1/10 of new car sales volume only, some " two handcart displacement " the branch is nominal even, have portfolio hardly.

Two handcart market still is main channel

In last few years, the prosperity of new car market drove the development of two handcart market. Concerned data shows, two handcart accumulative total of countrywide trade first half of the year this year 1.212 million, grow 15.1% compared to the same period, situation of development of two handcart market is favorable. An investigation shows, the person be visited that has 76.5% can choose to buy two handcart, the person of 13.9% won't choose to buy two handcart, whether can the person inaccuracy that still has 9.5% in addition choose to buy two handcart surely.

Be in our country, two handcart market is the main channel that old wagon flow opens, the person be visited of 41.3% expresses to be met two handcart market buys two handcart. Next, to trading as a result of consumer the security of car is put in more doubt, trade through what kin friend introduces and undertake so hold very high proportion, the of 34.9% person in be being investigated this expresses to be able to pass friend acquaintance introduction to buy two handcart.

Current, two handcart management development still is in domestic brand primary level, the person that knows this channel truly is not much, accordingly, only the person be visited of 14.0% chooses to use this channel to buy two handcart. Additional, the person that still has 5.3% expresses to be able to buy two handcart through 4S inn.

Investigation still shows, two handcart value is inferior it is one of main factors that attract consumer to buy. Because its price is low,the person be visited of 53.5% buys two handcart is. Next, the person be visited of 26.8% thinks two handcart photograph compares new car, the rate that keep a cost is relatively a few higher, because this chooses to buy two handcart, in addition because two handcart do not have consumption tax and the person of 12.6% chooses to buy.

Sincere letter is two handcart develop the biggest bottleneck

Compare a developed country, the two handcart market of our country still remains farther standard. Investigation shows, the person be visited of 46.5% thinks unidentified, security cannot assure the setting of two handcart. Meanwhile, the person that has 24.6% does not accept the car that others has used from affection, the person that still has 16.0% thinks expenses of two handcart maintenance is exorbitant, because this won't buy two handcart.
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