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Home of Shao Yang head standardizes two handcart market yesterday practice
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On October 9, shao in relief big fellow is secondhand the car trades market building practice. The city such as Yu Xiong of municipal government deputy mayor is led and attended ceremony of practice cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony about sectional chief.

Should trade the market is by basis of bureau of city business affairs the industry grows a program to undertake introductory, by famous the standardization of home of our city head that big fellow of civilian battalion enterprise accuses a group to invest construction, specialization, the two handcart that dimensions changes trade the market. The market covers an area of an area to make an appointment with 20 thousand square metre, have indoor trade berth more than 100, car more than 300, collect is secondhand the car detects, safeguard, appraisal is evaluated, car is revealed, trade the function such as change the name of owner in a register is an organic whole, for provincial and current top-ranking two handcart trade professional market. The building of this market practice, for the our city two handcart trade the activity offerred a standardization trade place, solve two handcart of our city effectively to trade without professional market, occupy manage, " driveway market " , trade information asymmetry, client is complained wait for long-standing problem hard, be helpful for strengthening two handcart to trade the centralized management of the industry, the standard manages action, it is normal to safeguard trade order.