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Two handcart trade mine field and prevent cheat unique skill
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Mine field: Those who slaughter is acquaintance

Do business between the friend hnow through and through, but talking trade price aspect is small person easy " pained " , the person that weigh by " slaughter " drop many silver. "Between acquaintance thing of easy to handle " , but drag in arrives when economic interest, bilateral must " full brother bright account " .

Kiss all previous incident: 30 thousand yuan car is about you are 50 thousand yuan

A certain friend is leaving a car to look for me, ask me this car to 50 thousand yuan buy a value to not worth, looking to know is others should sell him this price, the bottom is done not have in his heart. I am done very hard also, say to not worth, go back he is told with the friend, again argy-bargy, affirmation should hurt reputation. Actually I see that car be worth at that time 30 thousand yuan, person selling a car is held out " black " . I also had seen two friends be reached hard to the price of the abstruse develop September 2002 consistent, the vehicle is main 20 thousand yuan, next homes must 1. 90 thousand yuan, "Conflict " still do not have a result a few days.

Prevent cheat unique skill: Understand car condition to hit explore prices

Mercantile be fond of slaughters acquaintance friend only, it is the weakness that exploited feelings of acquaintance friend feel embarrassed. This kind of businessman is the friend that attends without real significance, have friend only just. No matter the price how, car condition must be certain, have wait without accident, mechanical failure, want to say to be clear about, lest stay " sequela " . The 2nd, both sides had better arrive together old car market, common knowledge trades prices, do in vain obviously trade.

Mine field: Those who cheat is stranger

Some people trade through other way car, find through the network for instance " the individual is bought urgently, the white-collar is begged buy " such advertisement, the author not dare absurd character this among them true bogus, but trade with stranger must careful. If be to sell a car, should examine the Id of purchaser. Process selling a car is commonly " car of skill money, skill " , but must at that time change the name of owner in a register. With in market of couplet old car is exemple, be in accord with formalities all ready, without any violate the rules and regulations the condition such as the record falls, time of change the name of owner in a register is less than 20 minutes, so, the problem should not be on time.

Kiss all previous incident: Cheat formalities to sell a car

Some woman's bicycle basically sells a this field, find a stranger, this person does not possess qualification of old car agent, also do not belong to broker company staff, as a result he fills with be being helped do formalities to be reason, car, formalities, car advocate Id is cheated, its purpose is to want to sell ten yuan the car, be detected in time by door of the Ministry of Public Security fortunately, captured its when this cheater prepares change hands.
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