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Like new car market, after June, city of two handcart car enters a tradition off-season. However, what with much two handcart sales volume glides to differ apparently is, small platoon measures two handcart to go against city to go tall, make the main trend that two handcart market trades. Be in two ground of Guangzhou, Shanghai, POLO, fly degree, black horse amount to wait for the main stream is small to measured two handcart to occupy this area the 6.8% above of two handcart total sales volume. In the meantime, beijing old motor vehicle trades the data that the market publishs also shows, in July, beijing is small measure two handcart change the name of owner in a register relatively the corresponding period grew 20% last year, the small car discharging an amount with a few better sales volume appeared even thousands of yuan rise in price.
According to two handcart major the website is aimed at the investigation of market of many 100 60 cities, two handcart to show, in the small model that discharge an amount, heart department car makes connoisseur and customer key point in most the two handcart that keep a cost. Expert of two handcart industry thinks, of heart department car protect cost rate high to basically include 4 fields: Good brand force, car ties high quality, excellent after service and stable price.
Brand force is the mainest factor that affects two handcart to whether keep a cost. In function configuration and price apart not far premise falls, two handcart consumer can choose normally famous the brand with degree of tall, good figure. The character of the car also is the main factor that decides car protects a value to lead, with respect to this, all along with excellent the heart of character be good at fastens a car, it is wide that its protect a value high to lead suffer approbate. For instance POLO was used on this small-sized car be as long as the laser beam welding of 6591 millimeter is received, double-faced galvanization armor plate, cavity notes candle technology and comprehensive advocate passive safety is deployed wait for the technology with heart department masterly car and workmanship, make POLO wins the title of car of high-quality goods of new car market not only, also be the main reason that POLO sells in flourishing of two handcart market.
The prices of two handcart suffers new car prices the impact is very big also, new car price often is a when two handcart market fixes a price main index. Diving of new car price is normally faster, corresponding two handcart price is lower also, if new car depreciates often,also can affect its to be in greatly of two handcart market buy faith. Be in at present on home market, the price fastens a car relative to stable mind, fasten the masses of north and south that is a delegate with the masses especially, use market of price take by storm rarely. Be based on strategy of this kind of value, at the beginning of heart department car enters Chinese car town, with respect to union value of product function, configuration is made have continuously the reasonable price of competition ability maintains stability. The stability of new car price, make heart department car held stable consumptive hope in two handcart market, mix plus brand, character serve integrated dominant position, its rise lukewarm follow a rational line to do some work well continuously in market of new car, two handcart.
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