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Ao Di A41.8T imports former outfit
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Car type: Car Homebred entrance: Entrance
Car brand: Ao Di A41.8T imports former outfit Model of car: Ao Di A41.8T imports former outfit
The first time register: 2002-10 Car color: Blue
Platoon quantity: 1.8 Kcc Gearshift system: The hand uses automatic an organic whole
Use property: Private with the car Travel course of development: 160000 kilometers
Car license plate: Hunan A Whether change the name of owner in a register: Can
Trade the price: 160000 yuan 8 trade with price area Changsha area - the Changsha City 8 with the area
Additional information
Standard configuration: Change direction help strength / brake pedal helps strength / around fog lamp / dynamoelectric antenna / ABS is prevented adopt a system dead / electronic appearance dial / driver safety gasbag / dermal seat / dynamoelectric door window / scuttle / gasbag of two side safety / remote control door lock / back a car radar / air conditioning / CD/
Remarks information: Yearly check in October 2009, safe in December 2008, maintain a road is expended December 2008, this car is installed formerly for Germany truckload entrance, take scuttle, 6 dish CD, purchase price at that time market price 620 thousand, travel course of development 160 thousand kilometer, because be oneself all the time,leave, cherish quite, car condition is so good, without the accident
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