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Snow Buddha Lan Lecheng
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Car type: The car is homebred entrance: Homebred
Car brand: Xue Folan model of car: Snow Buddha Lan Lecheng
The first time register: 2005-10 car color: Gules
Platoon quantity: System of gearshift of 1 the following Kcc: The hand uses speed change
Use property: Course of development of the private travel that use a car: 50000 kilometers
Car license plate: Hunan A whether change the name of owner in a register: Can
Trade the price: 32800 yuan 8 trade with price area Changsha area - the Changsha City
Additional information
Standard configuration: Change direction help strength / brake pedal helps strength / around fog lamp / ABS is prevented adopt dead system / electronic appearance dial / driver safety gasbag / dynamoelectric door window / system of guard against theft / remote control door lock / back a car radar / GPS locates / air conditioning /
Remarks information: Yearly check in August 2009, safe in August 2009, maintain a road is expended December 2008, snow notted 5 years in August Lai the hand moves SPARK) of LZW7080(Xue Folai luxurious model, changsha card, gules, without the accident, 9 into new, install paint formerly, yearly check insurance arrived 9 years August, the 50 thousand kilometer that runs only, at that time is 49300 sell, card altogether was spent on 60000 much, main configuration takes safe gasbag, added back a car radar, dynamoelectric door window, 4
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Contact: Mr Wang phone: 07312296150