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Sang Dana - Sangdana 2000 timeses arrogant child
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Car type: The car is homebred entrance: Homebred
Car brand: Sang Dana Model of car: Sang Dana 2000 timeses arrogant child
The first time register: 2003-10 car color: Black
Platoon quantity: System of 1.8 Kcc gearshift: The hand uses speed change
Use property: Battalion movement is not travel course of development: 100000 kilometers
Car license plate: B whether change the name of owner in a register: Can
Trade the price: 38800 yuan 8 trade with price area Changsha area - the the Changsha City is add information
Standard configuration: Change direction help strength / brake pedal helps strength / around fog lamp / ABS is prevented adopt dead system / electronic appearance dial / driver safety gasbag / dermal seat / dynamoelectric door window / system of guard against theft / remote control door lock / air conditioning / CD/
Remarks information: Yearly check in October 2009, safe in September 2009, maintain a road is expended September 2008, the lock accuses not to have an accident in gush of 2000 big report add of car condition ace includes transfer ownership together
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Contact: Mr Yang phone: 13704790840

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