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Love car guide: Seasonal exchange car maintains 6 attentions
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Watch a news accidentally recently, some lady wears high-heeled shoes to drive, cause the tragic that strikes blind lane person because of heel hook accelerator. This news shallow belt passes, flood very quickly in other and much news. Wear high-heeled shoes to drive to had made the bad habit that a lot of females drive, mu Zi observed, fellow worker of almost all woman won't put a pair of flat bottom shoes more on board, that is to say they are to wearing high-heeled shoes to drive go to work.

A lot of ladies are right this not quite care about, what treat sth lightly however is sequential, often make a person regretful. So, still put on one pair of flat bottom shoes on board, next beautiful and dangerous high-heeled shoes are changed when driving.

The summer is retired autumn comes, but rainwater did not drop, the circumstance that the sun insolates often can appear again after rain, of this pair of car maintain very adverse. A few small hang can help you maintain car Chang Xin.

The dehumidify inside the car: Air cooling should be opened when raining, such doing not only can eliminate mirage, still have the function of dehumidify. Rain parked a car inside besides opening air conditioning dehumidify, had better buy box of a simple and easy dehumidify again, the component inside such cars is not easy after of the previous night be affected with damp be affected with damp. Tian Qing when car advocate can look for a shady and cool place, open all door and mothball compartment lid entirely, make the damp inside the car eduction, ventilated, stamp the foot inside the car mat, chair cover to tear open next, rinse air.

Bacterium eliminates inside the car: The element waits as a result of air temperature after summertime rain, cause all sorts of bacterias more easily, make alexipharmic appearing except bacterium be weighed particularly to the space inside the car so wanted. The place of key cleanness should be seat, empty v blast tuyere, medium accuse face plate and each to put to death horn. Can use professional car interior cleaner, wipe with dry dishcloth.

Conserve batholith: Conserve work should be done one time to chassis after heavy rain, besides clean simply besides, “ batholith seals model ” also is very good choice. It can make chassis and outside completely cut off, achieve function of anticorrosive, antirust, soundproof, prolong automobile body life. Appropriative eradicator purify should be used before “ batholith seals model ” the adherent bitumen on chassis, smeary, and stoving, any besmirch can affect the firm rate that seals model.

Clean appearance: Next wet are mixed besides sewage silty outside, the acidity material that still contains in rainwater has serious harm to automobile body and lacquer face, if be handled not in time, as time passes, automobile body can lose burnish to be affected then beautiful. Want to avoid the acidity rainwater harm to automobile body, the simplest and effective method is to wax, and want to achieve very lasting protection effect to be returned so that undertake sealing glair then.
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