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Seasonal exchange raises a car to maintain is automobile body and batholith main
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As seasonal exchange, a lot of cars advocate begin to undertake maintaining to loving a car, the amount is closer than increasing at ordinary times 3 into.

Maintain after the section than increasing at ordinary times 3 into

Recently, the reporter visited discovery of inn of a few 4S, the place after every carry out awaits the car of maintenance to discharge growing team, the labour of repair shop fundamental also at full strength. In the meantime, the car hairdressing inn of edge of a few streets is very hot also. As we have learned, “ prevents overweight cure nowadays, keep the idea that has raised 拋 anchorage ” already by the car advocate general self-identity. During holiday, a lot of cars advocate choose to drive go on a journey and go close to visit friend, the bear of car has at ordinary times relatively increase apparently, plus before the influence of weather of abominable heavy snow to car, make car advocate people just was over to love a car to do before long in succession too in the festival detect and maintain.

Be being mixed before “ section is the fastigium that the car maintains after the section, the car that comes everyday now only advocate increased 20%—30% than usual. A car serves ” limited company chief says.

The key after the section maintains automobile body and batholith
It is reported, do to car now detect and maintain, the pluvial weather before general metropolis checks the skilled worker that regards 4S as inn has a series of examinations to car, for example brake piece wear away with undercarriage of Buddhist templeput on the brakes excessive; Tube has without hang injury and ageing; Whether does cistern have leakage, still can detect at the same time the circumstance is short of caustic of oil of engine oil, brake, antifreeze, reach chassis and automobile body to the mark that do not have cut waits.

Outside “ detects besides above convention and maintaining, we still can notice system of antifreeze, tire, brake is mixed prevent adopt dead brake system (the examination of ABS) . This ” Guangzhou cropland sells the controller that serves store to express about especially, letting what the person did not think of is, the brake system with higher before fault rate and prevent adopt dead brake system (ABS) gives an issue rarely this year however.

Finally, because weather is harsh, a lot of cars advocate very the use that notices brake, what so brake gives an issue is not much instead.

The near future should notice change garments according to the season maintains

According to expert introduction, more dirt, petty sand is contained in vernal air, jam very easily the empty filter of the car. The empty filter of average car is in travel undertakes single censoring after 10000 kilometers, spring had better be checked in 2000 kilometers, have profit so to engine. Additional, weather turns now cool, rain is more, in to while car does lacquer face hairdressing, also should be opposite complete disinfection undertakes inside the car. Cause multiply in order to avoid the bacterium with accumulative inside the car winter.
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