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"11 " give an early preparation tire / GPS is a key
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11 long holidays are relaxed and optional drive oneself swim get of people love, short to a few kilometers, grow hundreds of kilometers, even the trudge of thousands of kilometer also is absent a few, drive a kind of vogue that swims to had become urbanism oneself. But, the fact always won't satisfy a person to wish, if do not make sufficient preparation good, cause possibly become flat, anchor, a series of problems such as detour. Beautiful car acts the role of expert of · car general merchandise special remind a car advocate people, sufficient preparation must have been made before dispatch a vehicle, because of,avoid little bagatelle, affected an interest of travel, destroyed oneself and the good intention affection with the pedestrian.

Tire safety detects

Go on a long journey in the process, tire should undergo the test of different road surface. Accordingly, the function of tire is car goes the first requirement of travel, it matters to the life safety of the personnel on the car directly. We should wait from the quality of tire, use circumstance, care and maintenance all-around for its ready-made works.

Tire quality, whether is the tire that wants car seeing love above all bought through regular department store, because of roadside small shop often can sell retreaded tyre, cannot assure the quality of tire. Next, want to see tire whether be inside period of efficacy, meet as the elapse of time because of balata progressively ageing, it is apparent and dangerous to send the tire travel that becomes forcedly fragile to be on the freeway extremely.

If you love the tire of the car,not be new tyre, its must be checked to have a state seriously before that travel. Whether is tread put in bosomy bag, craze, cut, decorative pattern deepness whether under 1.6 millimeter, have above case should change instantly tire. In the meantime, examine the unilateral wear out condition of tire even, beautiful car acts the role of expert proposal car advocate in piece before travel, tire around the left and right sides has exchange.

Want to assure the security of the tire in travel, tire embryo is pressed not allow to ignore apparently. Fetal pressing should hold the standard atmosphere range that sets in car use manual inside (the right lower part in its cab door also meets partial car the standard embryo that tags car is pressed) . In the meantime, giving tire to fill nitrogen also is right choice, because nitrogen vigor is very low, the coefficient of expansion after encountering heat is small also, can prevent become flat the happening of the accident. In car giving love four-wheel do while safety detects, must not oversight the spare wheel of car.

GPS car carries navigation

Go out to want to master course of drive a vehicle above all all right, but beforehand the information of collect is other one thing however in real operation: Encounter crossroad inaccuracy to whether should turn surely, did not fear go wrong …… installs a car to carry navigation to destination tardy, the problem was solved.
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