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One steam masses - nimble is amounted to
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Type requirement: Car place of production asks: Homebred
Brand requirement: Model of one steam masses asks: Nimble is amounted to
The platoon estimates a demand: 1.6 cars age requirement: Do not be restricted
Price demand: 3-5 requirement of 10 thousand yuan of course of development: Be less than 100 thousand kilometer
Color requirement: Color is not restricted requirement of change the name of owner in a register: Need
Trade area: Changsha area - the the Changsha City carries term: A month
Detailed requirement
One company sends Taiwan I come Changsha does poineering work, want to buy stage car, car condition is bit better, formalities is all ready, hunan A card can the car of change the name of owner in a register rides instead of walk, the friend that is willing to make over contacts me please, thank
Contact means
Contact: Mr Liu phone: 13548582928
QQ/MSN 623975461 mobile phone: 13787023563

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