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Beg buy Changsha high price to beg buy secondhand
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Type requirement: Car place of production asks: Homebred
Brand requirement: Changsha is normal requirement of model of company high price: Beg buy two handcart (make sure valence actors or actress
The platoon estimates a demand: 1 ask with next car age: 8 years of less than
Price demand: 3-5 requirement of 10 thousand yuan of course of development: Be less than 50 thousand kilometer
Color requirement: Dark red change the name of owner in a register asks: Need
Trade area: Changsha area - the the Changsha City carries term: A month
Detailed requirement
Each netizen, oneself buy a sale for a long time in Changsha two handcart, if eldest sister of each eldest brother has friend. Client. Friend or the car should sell in somebody of the meet unexpectedly on the road, buy a car to be contacted at oneself please, oneself are recieved 24 hours, if eldest sister of each eldest brother can be offerred,sell two handcart one, oneself are willing to introduce cost
Contact means
Contact: Mr Wang phone: 13873131567

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